Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment


We provide affordable, comprehensive substance abuse/dependence evaluations for adults and adolescents. Solutions' two-hour evaluations include the following:

• Client and Family Interview
• Individual Client Interview
• SASSI and DSM-IV Screening
• Drug Screen (optional)
• Results and Recommendations presented to Client and Family
• Results and Recommendations presented and coordinated with Referring Professional

The following professions and businesses have used our evaluation services and found them most beneficial:

• Attorneys
• High School Counselors
• College Counselors
• Corporations
• Psychiatrists
• Pediatricians
• Therapists

Solutions believes the client should be treated, whenever possible, in the least restrictive environment. The Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) criteria is used in determining the appropriate level of care. Solutions has an extensive network of resources, national as well as local, to utilize in providing the best recommendation possible.


Often, a consultation appointment with one of our chemical dependency counselors can be of help to the family member of a person who is abusing alcohol or other drugs. This is a one-hour session where the history and current situation is given. We can then provide guidance and direction to the family regarding how to proceed in getting help for their loved one.