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     "Solutions helped me to get clean and sober and address issues with my family."

– Plano, Texas teenage heroin addict

     "Thank you for helping my friend get his life back! His is so worth it! Keep up the good work!"

     "During the family weekend at Solutions, my mother and I shared some of our deepest feelings. I was amazed at the similarity between our thought processes. It warmed my heart to finally understand the origin of my intuitive gift and of many of the characteristics which make my personality complete. At that moment I knew my mother, and in turn, I understood myself better."

     "I cannot recall a time when I ever felt so comfortable with a group of people or a process as I did at the Family Weekend. Lois, during my list work with [my son] you asked me to tell him how I would feel if he weren't there anymore. That one well-placed question opened a wellhead of feelings that helped me find my precious son. I shall never forget that moment as long as I live, nor will I forget the careful and loving guidance [the other counselor] gave to all of us."

     "I certainly am not an expert but I feel that you have it down on 'addictions' whether it be alcohol, drugs, sex, food, etc. You are truly amazing and each of the folks who are in your program are blessed that they have found you."

     "I want to thank you for being such a loving, caring, and 'kick ass' support to my wayward boy. He has grown up a lot sharing in those afternoons and nights. I know he's been touched, more than he knows."

     "Our family situation is much better now. We are grateful to Solutions, Al-Anon, AA, and our heavenly Father. Thanks."



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