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Solutions Outpatient Services’ Program supports the provision of individualized treatment of 18 year old or older male and female clients for addictions. We concurrently provide uniform structured activities to aid the client in addressing his or her addiction.

The Clinical Goals Are:
  1. To provide intensive outpatient services to individuals with addictions whose clinical condition warrants treatment in an outpatient setting.
  2. To conduct comprehensive medical, emotional, behavioral, and social psychological assessments of clients.
  3. To provide clinically sound, interdisciplinary, individualized treatment services to clients based upon the clinical assessments.
  4. To assist clients in interrupting their pathological relationship with their addiction.
  5. To assist clients, family members, and significant others in reclaiming or developing alternative coping and problem-solving methods to deal with life’s day-to-day problems.
  6. To educate the client, family members, and significant others regarding the dynamics of addiction.
  7. To conduct sessions, when appropriate, between the client and his or her school or employer, to enhance the tasks and functions of school or work performance.
  8. To assist the client, family members, and significant others in entering an applicable 12 Step Program.
  9. To assist the client, family members, and significant others in developing and initiating an individualized, continuing care plan of action for maintaining recovery.
  10. To provide individualized, post-treatment support services and follow-up evaluations to assist the client, family members, and significant others in maintaining the gains made while in treatment. 

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