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  • What is IOP?
    Just as the treatment field has yet to settle on a commonly accepted name for itself (e.g., “substance abuse” versus “addiction” versus “substance use disorder” versus “chemical dependence”), there is also considerable confusion regarding what constitutes Intensive Outpatient Treatment and traditional outpatient treatment/therapy. Because use of the terms “intensive outpatient treatment” and “intensive outpatient program” (IOP) varies by region, at Solutions we use the term “IOP” referring to Intensive Outpatient Treatment and “OP” referring to outpatient therapy/counseling.
  • How is Intensive Outpatient Treatment different from traditional outpatient services/programs?
    A very important distinction is thatIntensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) are licensed as a facility by the state with a license number for the program/facility as well as each individual counselor possess a current and valid state license. In outpatient programs (OP) individual therapist are licensed by the state but the program/facility as a whole is not licensed, therefore it is not considered an IOP. According to ASAM’s Patient Placement Criteria, IOP programs provide 9 or more hours of structured programing per week.
  • Is Solutions Outpatient Services an IOP?
    Yes. Solutions is licensed by the Texas Department of State Health Services as an Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program (IOP) providing more than 9 hours of structured programing per week. Solutions has been licensed since 1995.
  • How do I know if I need treatment?
    If you are experiencing problems with your use of alcohol and/or drugs and have been unable to quit on your own, you couldbenefit from the structure and support of an IOP. Family members or loved ones may have expressed concern for you and the impact you use is having on them as well as yourself.
  • What is the first step to take to receive help?
    If you realize you need help, the first step would be to call Solutions and ask for an assessment/evaluation. You will then be scheduled with one of our counselor. An assessment/evaluation takes about 1½ to 2 hours. It includes an interview of your past and present mental health and substance use history, and the SASSI questionnaire and a questionnaire based on the DSM-5 Criteria. As with all medical/mental evaluations, we recommend that a family member accompany you.
  • What do I do if I am interested in coming to Solutions?
    We can usually schedule people for their assessment within a few days. Once your assessment is complete and it is determined that IOP is the appropriate level of care, the counselor will discuss our program with you and your family member. If you decide you wish to be admitted, you will be scheduled for an Intake Appointment and you can start immediately.
  • What if I am concerned about a loved one?
    If your loved one is not willing to come for an evaluation, we can schedule a consultation appointment for you where you can discuss your concerns with one of our counselors. We will coach you as to how to approach your loved one. This appointment is 1 hour long and you will be able to discuss your concerns with a counselor. Our counselor will then review different options and resources for moving forward for your loved one as well as for you.
  • How will we know what kind of treatment is needed?
    Our counselors are trained in assessing and determining what level of care you might need. Only if you meets the criteria for substance use disorder (DSM-5) and you meet placement criteria for Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP) will Solutions be recommended. If you need a higher level of care or a lower level of care or no treatment at all, we will make the appropriate recommendation and assist you in locating those services.
  • What if detox is needed?
    Detox or detoxification is process of your body flushing itself of toxins/alcohol/drugs. Detox can be dangerous if not supervised by a qualified medical practitioner. Detox only addresses the physical issues of the addiction. During your evaluation your counselor with determine if detox is needed. Sometimes people can detox on an outpatient bases with a qualified health care professional monitoring them. In that case, you would be able to start Solutions right away. If you need inpatient detox, we will help you locate and enter one. Following detoxing, you would be able to begin Solutions.
  • What is the average length of stay?
    The length of the program is determined on how complex the person’s substance abuse problem, the client’s commitment to the program, and accomplishment of their treatment goals. The average length is usually 3 to 4 months.
  • What is included in the program?
    The program includes (1) the 3-hour group, four nights a week (2) individual client sessions, (3) individual family sessions (if needed), (4) family groups 2 nights a week, including a weekly multi-family group, (5) a weekly family-only group, (6) 300+ page client handbook, and (7) 300+ family handbooks for every family member, and (8) a Family Weekend Workshop for the client and family members.
  • When is payment of treatment required?
    Solutions collects the client’s payment weekly. Most other treatment programs require full payment at admission however, Solutions knows that there may be situations where by the client may realize that Solutions is not the right program for them and go elsewhere or their substance abuse problem may be such that they will need a higher level of treatment. It is because of such situations, we feel it is best to charge the client weekly.
  • Will insurance cover treatment?
    Solutions will work with your insurance company by verifying your benefits, finding out what your deductible is, and if pre-authorization is required. Solutions is out of network with most insurance companies.


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