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Insurance Benefits & Financial Responsibility for Treatment


Insurance policies and benefits vary greatly. Insurance benefits and/or private payment must be verified prior to admission. We work with most insurance companies on an out-of-network basis. Solutions Outpatient Services’ business office will help you obtain information on your policy. This information provides a list of many benefits allowable according to the definitions of the contract as provided by your insurance carrier to you. This information is then examined carefully by us to determine the benefits applicable to care received here. Your employer and an insurance agent can also be helpful in answering questions about your available benefits. 

Many insurance plans today require an initial admission approval before Solutions can admit you to our Program. After this initial admission approval is granted, your insurance carrier may also require subsequent reviews after admission, typically granting a few days stay at a time. Solutions will work with your insurance company to provide them with the necessary information required to review the need for your admission and/or current stay. However, Solutions has no control over the outcome of these reviews. Importantly, these reviews do not guarantee payment by your insurance carrier.


Payment Responsibility

Please be aware that Solutions cannot hold your insurance company responsible for the payment of fees. An insurance policy is a contract between the insurance company and you.


Solutions contracts with you, and upon admission when you sign the Consent to Treatment, Cost and Financial Agreement and Financial Policy and Agreement. This obliges you to pay for services rendered. Unlike most programs, Solutions only requires payment weekly, rather than payment for total treatment at admission. Each week you will be required to make payment for that week. Full payment is expected at the completion of treatment unless prior arrangements have been made.


If you stop attending the program without proper discharge or written notice, you will be billed for three days. Over these three days, we will attempt to reach you in order to verify your absence and plan of continuing treatment. If we are unable to reach you, you will be administratively discharged on the fourth day, with no further charges. You will be responsible for payment of treatment for the absent days.


To avoid any delay in admission to Solutions, our review of insurance or other payment arrangements is necessary. Solutions’ Facility Director will work with you to make suitable arrangements to meet your financial obligations.

Before coming to Solutions, obtain a copy of your policy booklet which contains all your health coverage information. Bring this document with you as it is extremely helpful in resolving problems with your insurance that may arise. Please also bring your insurance identification card, a claim form, and your driver’s license.


If you have any further questions regarding financial considerations or need advice or assistance, our staff is at your service. Please contact us


Of course, all inquires are kept confidential.


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