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Testimonials and Reviews

25 Years of Solutions

"I am a practicing addiction specialist with no conflicts of interest (no financial or business ties) in writing this review. I have known and collaborated with Solutions Outpatient Services for over 20 years. Lois, Bill, Mary Donna, and their staff have created the best intensive outpatient program in Texas—and I am familiar with most treatment programs, having served Texas as an addiction doctor since 1984. When I was a medical residency training director, we sent our young physicians to Solutions to learn what excellent treatment looks and feels like. Solutions is one outfit that gets it right. I’ve referred at least 300+ people to Solutions since the ’90s.

Lois and Bill Jordan, the founders, have more knowledge and experience than anyone else in addiction recovery work. The number of people they have helped is impressive beyond description. Over the years their staff and co-workers have saved many, many lives. Many were patients from my practice. Solutions Outpatient Services checks all the right boxes: (1) evidence-based, science-driven (2) individual as well as group work (3) excellent medical consultation (4) affordable & practically managed (5) affiliated with the best therapists and counselors (6) respected as the best by everyone familiar with their work (7) founded with the mission of helping people, not building a financial empire (8) treating every client like they would want their own families treated (9) governed by the highest ethical and clinical standards (10) never using a boilerplate, one size fits all approach, and (11) never, never quitting or giving up.

If you are looking for help, you will see hundreds of websites claiming to be the best. The truth is that most put profits first, and most programs don’t live up to the flashy marketing. Very few have good medical support despite their advertising. Their relapse rates are embarrassingly high. Running a world-class program for decades is hard work, and “SOS” is the real deal. If you are seeking sobriety with sanity and serenity, this is the place to start. Solutions isn’t for everyone. It’s for people who need the best treatment, want the best treatment, and want treatment that can last a lifetime. Give them a call, and you will be glad you did."

- John M. Talmadge, MD, October 2020


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What Makes Solutions Stand Out?

If there is one word to describe Solutions, it would be Family. Solutions is Family owned, Family run, the staff is Family, the clients become Family, the family members become Family, and the professional community is embraced as Family. Individuals and their families come to us so broken by addictions that they cannot even imagine that they can heal.


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