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Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program

Solutions Outpatient Services has found that individuals returning to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area following 28-day inpatient treatment or longer-term residential programs experiences certain problems unique to their transition.

The Transitional Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program addresses the specific continuing care goals and needs identified in the client’s discharge plan from inpatient treatment.

Before the individual is discharged from inpatient treatment, a telephone session with the client and their primary counselor will be arranged in order to determine the appropriateness of the referral and to best coordinate a smooth transition. In most cases, the client will not repeat any of the work they have covered in inpatient treatment.

The days and hours of participation will be based on clinical recommendations from the inpatient facility staff, Solutions’ staff recommendations, and the needs and goals expressed by the individual.

At Solutions Outpatient Services we recognize the important role a smooth transition plays in the continuity of care. For some chemically dependent people, inpatient treatment may be the first time they have felt safe and supported. The Transitional Program provides a safe therapeutic setting to assist the client’s return home.

Chemical dependency is known as a family disease. In some cases, family members are unable to attend the inpatient Family Week. As we see in our primary treatment program, Family Weekend is often the most healing and life-changing element of their treatment. The Transitional Program can provide this intensive and therapeutic process for those families.

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